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Canyon Trickle
Canyon Trickle

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All images featured on my website are available as fine-art photographic prints. My goal is to represent the scene as closely as possible at the moment the exposure was taken, while preserving the mood of the landscape. With state of the art printing tools producing the highest quality of photographic prints available, my prints obtain incredible fidelity in sharpness, color, and tonal range.

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Crystal Archive Prints
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The fine-art prints are created with a digital enlarger, either a LightJet or Chromira. The enlarger exposes photographic paper, that is then processed in traditional photographic chemicals. This silver halide process creates a true continuous-tone print. The main difference between the enlargers is how they expose the paper. The Lightjet uses lasers, and the Chromira uses state-of-the-art light emitting diodes. Our master printer will select the best digital printer to match the color gamut of each individual print.

Crystal Archive
Both the Lightjet and Chromira expose the glossy Fuji Crystal Archive paper. Crystal Archive prints of my images display beautifully up to and beyond 20 x 30 inches. Independent tests suggest that Fuji Crystal Archive prints in normal display conditions will last 60 to 70 years before noticeable fading, more than two times longer than Ilfochrome prints.

Print Sizes
The print sizes I offer are listed in inches and represent the industry standard photographic paper size. The actual image size will be slightly smaller than the listed paper size due to the difference in aspect ratios between the image and the paper. The longest dimension of the image will fill the longest dimension of the paper, while allowing for a small border.

Matting and Framing
Mats are made of acid-free archival museum board, with all acid-free materials used for hinges, corners, and backing. The mats are professionally cut to match each print. The color of the window mat is white. The frames are custom fabricated from a pleasing neutral gray metal. The frame’s neutral gray is approximately 18% gray (place color sample here). Framing takes an additional 7 to 10 days. Prints are also sold as print-only, and do not include a frame or mat.

PayPal is the preferred method of payment. PayPal helps provide a high level of transaction confidence for both you and me. PayPal uses SSL technology to keep your information safe. PayPal accepts all major credit cards, is free to open an account, and contains no hidden transaction fees.

Ordering Process and Delivery Time
When purchasing prints using PayPal, your initial payment will be 20% of the final sale price. This 20% earnest payment allows you and I to fully commit to the creation of your custom print. Upon receiving your earnest payment, I will send you a certified letter confirming your intent to purchase. Each print is carefully made to order and takes about 2 to 3 weeks to complete. When your custom print is complete, I will send you an email message with a link to PayPal to pay the remaining balance due. Once your final PayPal payment is received, your print will be shipped using FedEx. All of your ordering information, including your mailing address and email address, is gathered from PayPal, so please make sure your personal information is correctly listed with PayPal.

Alternative Payment
If you don’t wish to use PayPal, I do accept money orders or personal checks. Please contact me prior to making a payment. With money orders or checks you have the option to pay in full up-front, or to use the 20% earnest payment followed by the remaining 80% when the print is finished.

All prints are carefully packaged and shipped using FedEx ground. Please see the shipping rates for the different print sizes.

All sales are final. The 20% earnest payment is non-refundable. If a print or frame is damaged during shipment, please contact me prior to sending it back. I will make arrangements for the return shipment of the damaged item. Prints and frames damaged during delivery will be replaced.

California residents will pay 7.25% sales tax.

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